Saturday, October 8, 2011

Inventory Functionality Problems That Need Solving

Inventory Functionality
The way the inventory is supposed to work is that if you press [ i ] on the keyboard the above image should fill the screen, your game should pause while you are in "inventory mode." The above image shows an empty inventory. In each of the circles and center piece is where "Alien Artifacts" will go that you collect throughout the game.

The player will find each artifact either hidden or available after completing a task or solving a problem in the game. When an artifact is collected it is supposed to get added into the inventory and placed into the appropriate place for it in the inventory full screen display.

Here is an example of how an icon representing an artifact that has been collected should be placed into the inventory just to give an example of what it should look like to the player.

Now the problem I have not been able to come up with a solution for is how to get all of the above to work. I've been trying to find someone who is a lot more code savy in Unity 3D than I am. I'm more an artist, 3D model maker with some animation skills, NOT really a code person. I've managed to get my game to do an amazing amount of things just with what I have managed to learn about the code from various tutorials and so forth. But there is a great deal that is beyond my capabilities of understanding with the code aspects of game development.

Another thing I would like to see in my game is the use of "Decal Systems" but again this is something I have trouble understanding. I would like to get my Alien Zombies to have blood splatter effects when they are hit as well as objects in the game environment to emit certain particles depending on the materials they are supposed to be made of. Again this is something of another stumbling block not being able to figure out how to get that stuff to work. I've not been able to find any useful and easy to understand tutorials on that aspect of things either.

I need a code person who would be willing to help out with this project. I would be more than willing to share 50/50 with such an individual if the game could be made to work properly and put out into the marketplace, all of which also needs to be figured out how to do. Right now it's on hold until I can get these issues solved.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tall River Weeds and Thistles

I photographed some thistles and tall dry weeds that seem to grow along the river bank when I was out for my morning run. Took them into photoshop and turned them into grass textures for my Unity 3D game I've been working on "Rednecks and Alien Zombies"

They turned out really nice so I made a swamp area and a waterfall close to Farmer Bob's house. Basically another area to explore and kill time in. there is nothing in that area except swamp and tall weeds. But exploring it makes for treacherous territory as the tall weed in some areas make it very easy for "Alien Zombies" :alien: to sneak up on you as I discovered while testing out the game and checking out my new foliage :lol:

I'm thinking of putting these together as a package and sell em on Turbosquid for 5 bucks as they work very well in Unity 3D. ;)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Toad Stools and Dandylions

I added some more Dandelions and weeds around the bases of the stones at the Ancient Stone Circle by Bob's house. I found a great shot I had taken of some Toad Stools I had found while out bike riding a couple of summers ago so I made that into a terrain detail or grass texture and applied that to a grass mesh and then scattered a load of them around my terrain. It's all in the details that makes a game more fun for me...
Of course looking at all those pretty details makes it easier for the Alien Zombies to sneak up on you as they have done to me a few times while I was checking out the plant life and watching the Pale Moths fluttering about. :lol:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shotgun Reload Animation

I've been trying my hand at giving my shotgun a reload animation. I like it so far but I think it needs hands. I was hoping that maybe I could get away with NOT having to make some but I think it looks a little funny without hands actually holding the gun?
I like the first part of the gun reload sound, the ejection of the shells seems to match up but NOT the 2nd part when the shells get loaded.
I was searching for a good two hours yesterday just to find that sound. Maybe it could be edited but I don't have any good sound editing software.

On a funny note, the reloading of the shells is actually the same shells just being put back into the gun, but because they get tossed behind the camera view, who's gonna know lol

Monday, May 9, 2011

Old Direction Sign

A sneak peek at what will be down the path past where the fallen rocks have blocked the path.

Once Farmer Bob has done everything in level one, like defend against attacking Alien Zombies, has made the UFO take off from the Ancient Stone Circle, Unlocked the Old Farm Gate with the key from his house, and gotten the Dynamite to blast those rocks clear from the path. Then Farmer Bob can go to the next level.

If he forgets to go and visit where the UFO crashes and misses the Alien Artifact he'll latter on have to go back to level one and get it, but by then he'll most likely have additional weapons and other objects to help.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Old Barn

A look inside the "Old Barn" over on the Old Farm Area just the other side of the hill range. Inside the "Old Barn" are some heath pickups just in case you've been gnawed on by attacking "Alien Zombies", also some more Shotgun Shells in case yur starting to run out.

Now if I can just figure out how to get my FPS player to climb up that ladder the the Hay Loft I'll probably put some more Shotgun Shells up there too. Plus you could stay up there and pick off advancing "Alien Zombies", heck! it'd be like shooting fish in a barrel :evillaugh:

I tried some ladder climb scripts that I had found posted on Unity Answers but I just can't seem to get them to work. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, to the best of my knowledge I followed the instructions to the letter and it still does not work.

I;m having a similar problem trying to make a simple information pop up window using a GUI texture so that when a player comes within range of a certain game object a pop up window will pop up with information about that particular game object. But I can't seem to get one working where it will pop up when the player is ONLY facing the object and ONLY when within say about 1 or 2 meters from the object. I REALLY need to get a solution for that as it's crucial for the beginning part of the game where the player starts off inside of Farmer Bob's house and there will be all sorts of objects that the player will be introduced to with instructions on how to access and use each game item.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Alien Zombies Attacking

Alien Zombies attacking around the Ancient Stone Circle. As you can see in the top panel the Saucer is still on the hill, but while fighting off Alien Zombies, if you get too close to the saucer it will take off! :ufo:

You can see I've done a lot more work on the terrain and added a load more Pale Moths fluttering about. I think I have close to 100 of them flying around and they don't seem to be affecting the games performance any and I don't exactly have an great machine for gaming.

The Pale Moth FBX file is only 314 KB and 800 frames of animation so hopefully I'll be able to place even more into the level.

Although you can't see it in any of these screen grabs, I made a pile of Hay Bales for the old barn. I figured the barn needed something inside to serve as an obstacle while Alien Zombies are either chasing you or you are aiming at them from behind the bales of hay as you can stay in the barn for a while and kinda pick them off as they either pass by the windows or the big open door way.